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With some charter schools being relatively new, curriculum mapping with Curriculum Trak can really help to get everyone on the same page.  A clear map can be invaluable to teachers in implementing a new curriculum. Since Curriculum Trak is simple to use, updating can happen quickly and easily.

A school’s Curriculum Trak map is a valuable cultural asset reflecting curricular decisions and choices.  Curriculum Trak also includes an Accommodations and Strategies tool in our software at no additional cost – this can be a great way to help teachers differentiate in their units and work in partnership with parents.

What charter schools have to say...

Curriculum Trak is a multidisciplinary tool that allows teacher to effortlessly develop standards based curriculum maps, unit designs, and lesson plans.  Curriculum Trak’s platform accommodates vertical and horizontal sharing, essential for scaffolding and alignment of content and standards.  From an administrator lens, the versatility and convenience of having all curriculum maps and lesson plans in one essential place makes observations and feedback a breeze.

--- Dr. Kristie Sweeney, Head of School   |   SENSE Charter School, Indianapolis, IN


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