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Curriculum Trak wants to support schools in meeting their mapping goals and collecting the information required to make the best decisions possible for their students. While schools are able to do a lot of this through our curriculum mapping program, we realize that there may be times when schools require additional professional development in order to meet their own goals and accomplish their mission. Therefore, we are pleased to offer on-site professional development opportunities over a variety of topics relating to mapping and just about anything else you may consider. Our Professional Development Assistance Program helps you take advantage of these opportunities without placing strain on your budget.

We work with Dan Beerens of Dan Beerens Consulting to bring professional development opportunities to you and your staff. Dan is an educational leader with teaching and head of school experience at a variety of schools around the United States. He would be glad to share his expertise with you in the areas of Curriculum Design and Mapping, Leadership Coaching, School Improvement and Accreditation, Staff Development, and Teacher Evaluation. Contact him directly to arrange your professional development opportunities at

Suggested Professional Development Topics
  • Benefits of mapping
  • Evaluation and selection of standards/benchmarks
  • Curriculum mapping plan and process
  • Curriculum Trak staff training
  • Curriculum Trak reports and analysis
  • Developing your leadership team
  • Achieving your mission
  • A variety of staff development topics

You can work directly with Dan to identify the specific topics you would like included in your staff development day(s). Dan offers his consulting and training services for a rate of $1250/day plus travel expenses.

If you are interested in scheduling professional development, you may contact Dan directly or Curriculum Trak customer support at