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Key Included Features

Completely Customizable

You manage your template(s), setting up your maps to be just what fit your educators and teachers need.

Easy to Use

Teachers can be fully trained to use Curriculum Trak in 30 minutes. Curriculum Trak balances functionality and simplicity in one package - easy to use and functional to help you accomplish your goals.

Web Based

Cloud based software allows for easy access to curriculum maps wherever you are. No software to install!

Networking & Resources

One of our top features! Schools can choose to be part of a larger network of Christian schools, private schools or public schools, allowing educators to view the teaching content and resources used by other teachers. An ideal way to collaborate and enhance teachers' professional practice.


Easily communicate and share with parents, students, board members and other stakeholders. Ideas, resources, and unit plans are easily updated and shared.

Accommodations and Strategies by CLC Network

Choose from a variety of accommodations and strategies to assist students who are struggling with spelling, writing, phonological awareness, phonics, reading, vocabulary, or math with this free feature for Curriculum Trak users. Learn more →

Optional Faith-Learning Integration

For years, Christian schools and teachers have desired to be better able to articulate their distinctive missions through faith-learning integration in each subject area. Faith-Learning Integration (FLI) is an optional feature for Curriculum Trak users. Learn more →

Curriculum Support

Need help articulating the benefits of curriculum mapping to your staff or board? Not sure how to put together an effective management process for curriculum articulation work? We can help! 

Extremely Affordable

Priced to be affordable for schools of all sizes - 50 - 80% savings compared to similar curriculum mapping software packages! We want to help you be good stewards of the resources you have received.

Core Features Continue

Analysis and Refinement

Comprehensive Standards Lists

Reporting / Reports

Professional Growth



Knowledge Transfer

Alignment and Standards



Additional curriculum mapping features:

Reporting / Diagnostics
  • State reporting of required elements, or local reporting of the utilization of specific instructional strategies, is streamlined through the reporting functions.
  • Teachers can easily locate units, concepts and standards taught in other courses.
  • Helps schools identify if student achievement issues are curriculum related.
Professional Growth
  • Teachers can learn from each other’s work through the sharing and viewing of unit plans, essential questions, strategies, and resources.
  • New teachers are able to access a solid foundation and see clear expectations for student performance.
  • Individual professional growth is enhanced by the ability to learn from other teachers at other schools within the Curriculum Trak network.
Alignment and Standards
  • Align curriculum across grades and subjects with helpful report views.  Elementary curriculum mapping and secondary curriculum mapping all in one package!
  • You choose which international, national, state, or local standards are included for alignment purposes.
  • Clear curriculum articulation and alignment aids the development of integrated units and project-based learning.

Curriculum Trak Services

Commitment to You
We recognize that curriculum mapping software products such as Curriculum Trak are simply tools -- they are only as effective as how you use them.  At Curriculum Trak, we are committed to helping you use our product effectively to best meet your needs.  

Consultation Included
As part of the setup process, we include a consultation with our support specialists.  This allows you to quickly and confidently begin using Curriculum Trak!  During your consultation, we will help you develop your curriculum template, populate your curriculum development software with state, national or international standards and will answer any questions that you might have.

Curriculum Support Available
While others provide just technical support for their curriculum mapping software, Curriculum Trak is able to provide technical  support AND curriculum support. Through our partnership with DB Consulting, we are able to provide excellent curriculum expertise for ongoing school curriculum consulting at affordable rates.

Technical Support & Training
Our ticket support system provides quick answers to any technical questions. We also have a full suite of short training and support videos that cover most of our client support needs.

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Networking for Schools

Our sharing network option is a key feature for many of our schools. Take a look at our current network map!