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Curriculum Trak is proud to support a variety of integrations with resources you may already use that are geared toward enhancing the benefits of your mapping process. Curriculum Trak integration opportunities currently include the following areas: 

Accommodations & Strategies (through All Belong)
LMS Integration (through FACTS SIS)
Textbook Integration

Accommodations & Strategies (through All Belong)

Our free Accommodations and Strategies feature allows Curriculum Trak users to identify practical tools to assist students who struggle with academics. With suggested strategies across a variety of academic areas, this tool from All Belong prompts thinking about diverse learning needs as you plan for units and standards. Every Curriculum Trak package includes accommodations and strategies for the areas listed below.

Current Areas:
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Math

Each academic area includes more than thirty ideas for the student, their teacher/parent, and the classroom environment.  Sample strategies for math may include:

Math strategy for self: Before starting worksheet, highlight the operational signs

Math strategy for others (teachers/parents): Provide checklists for the student to self-monitor work before turning it in

Math strategy for environment (structure, time, space, and assignments): Use folded paper math (students work the problem on one half and write the steps of the problem across from it on the other half)

Accommodations & Strategies is a free resource within Curriculum Trak.

LMS Integration (through FACTS SIS)

Curriculum Trak has enjoyed a long relationship with FACTS SIS (formerly RenWeb) and currently serves hundreds of FACTS schools around the world. To integrate your Curriculum Trak account with your FACTS SIS account, all you need is your school/district code. 

Results of Integration
There are four benefits from integrating Curriculum Trak with FACTS SIS:

  1. Database Building: Your initial Curriculum Trak setup can be greatly expedited by the opportunity to pull existing FACTS SIS user and courses databases into your Curriculum Trak account. 
  2. Standards Alignment: The advanced standards alignment options within Curriculum Trak benefit your use of standards reports in FACTS SIS. After you have aligned your courses to standards in the CT platform, those standards can be synced to related areas in FACTS SIS with a click of a button. 
  3. Lesson Plan Communications: Curriculum Trak focuses on connecting lesson plans to your broader course maps and unit plans. If your school is currently using FACTS SIS to communicate about key class activities or homework assignments, lesson plans created in Curriculum Trak can be pushed out to FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb) for continued communications with parents. 
  4. Cohesive Instructional Planning: Integrating Curriculum Trak with FACTS SIS allows class instructors to combine all of their unit planning and lesson planning efforts on a single platform while still tapping into the power of FACTS SIS communication. This can save time while also providing a broader instructional picture.  

FACTS provides solutions that elevate the K-12 experience for school administrators, teachers, and families. Find out more here.

There is no additional charge to sync your Curriculum Trak account with your FACTS SIS account. 

Textbook Integration

Curriculum Trak is happy to work with a growing number of textbook publishers to help expedite the mapping process. The process of curriculum mapping is intended to reveal the curricular decisions your instructional team is making in every course and how those courses are using textbook resources. Curriculum Trak is working with a growing list of major publishers to begin with an importable map of the text which can be modified to reflect your specific practices. Rather than starting each map from scratch, this opportunity saves schools countless hours in their mapping process. 

How It Works
As publishers provide maps of their texts, we make these texts available in our Other Curriculum area for preview. Curriculum Trak administrators have the option to import these course maps into your school’s account. From there, course editors can modify these maps for personal use. Published maps, as provided by the publisher, continue to be available for reference or reimporting at any time. 

Current Publishers

  • BJU Press provides high-quality educational materials from a biblical worldview to schools around the world. Their course maps are readily available to any schools interested in reviewing or using them (click here for more details).
  • Purposeful Design provides academically rigorous textbooks that are intentionally rooted in biblical truth. They have provided their course maps for those interested in using or review them as well.
  • Edvance Christian Schools Association provides sample units and lessons for member schools. If you are a member school, Curriculum Trak support can grant access to their materials through your Curriculum Trak account.

There is no additional fee for importing and using maps from these publishers in your Curriculum Trak account.