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How effective curriculum mapping can benefit your school

The success of any organization depends on at least two things - people and planning. In schools, great people and great plans are essential to providing the best learning experiences for students! Clear articulation of a student's learning journey from the earliest to the final grades speaks volumes about the care and intentionality the school brings to the life of each student. Curriculum mapping provides both an easily understood educational plan and the tools necessary for analysis of knowledge repetition and gaps.

Curriculum mapping values the contributions of each educator who shared the responsibility for the learning journey of the school's students. Curriculum mapping enables educators to understand and value each other's work, and open avenues for further collaboration to build coherent learning experiences for students.

What is curriculum mapping?

A process for reviewing
  •  Create curriculum templates that display vital components
  •  Customize your curriculum template language to your needs
  •  Attach standards to units; do a curriculum audit to identify the gaps and overlaps in the curriculum
Teacher / learner focused
  • Record what is actually taught in real-time during the school year
  • Work collaboratively to produce an aligned curriculum that maximizes learner results
  • Better meet student needs by viewing curriculum of fellow educators within your school as well as other schools
A work in progress
  • Curriculum mapping promotes good planning and easy updating
  • Curriculum maps are works in progress, 'living and breathing' documents
  • Curriculum software allows adjustments to the curriculum on a continuous basis