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What's involved with getting Curriculum Trak up and running?

This is a common question, and we're happy to answer. Here's a step-by-step of the typical process:

1. Purchase Curriculum Trak

Once you've purchased, we will send you a set-up checklist to guide you through the next steps, including how to get your teachers' names and courses into the program. We provide video examples for each step.

2. Complete the checklist

If you have any questions as you work through the process, we are here to help you.

3. Schedule your consultation

During the consultation, we will discuss what language you use to describe your curriculum mapping template, what standards to choose, suggest how to start out with your teachers using the program, and give suggestions so that the system most effectively meets your needs. We will also show you curriculum mapping samples from other clients.  During this hour consult we will also answer any other questions you may have regarding Curriculum Trak.

4. Train your teachers

We have found that due to the ease of use and the intuitive nature of the software, teachers can be confidently using the system in 30 minutes or less! If you would prefer that we come and provide training for your teachers, that is also an option at an additional cost.

5. Build your maps

We can suggest a sequence for curriculum map development and help with downloading your current data as needed. If at any time you have questions, please get in touch with us - we are here to give you ongoing support along the way.

With Curriculum Trak, you will be able to benefit from the curriculum work of other schools.   As curriculum directors, you can see the work of other schools to help build your own curriculum mapping template.  Your teachers can access curriculum mapping samples of other teachers at their grade level.

6. You're on your way!

Don't forget to check into our ongoing educational training, professional development and conference opportunities.

Take the next step

Ready to get started? Complete the Get Started form and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Want to learn more? A personalized product demo is the best way to see and experience Curriculum Trak. Schedule one now!