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Available Standards Listing

As part of your Curriculum Trak setup fee, we will prepare and upload standards in the four core content areas of ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.  We are able to upload the Common Core or McRel standards immediately after your setup consultation.  We also have Science and Social Studies data for many states ready for uploading.  If we do not currently have your state data ready, we will need some time to prepare your state data.  

Additionally, standards are available in most of the other content areas for a small fee.  These standards are not the property of Dynamic Internet Solutions, so the fees listed below are NOT for purchase of these standards. Rather, these fees cover our time to prepare the data and upload it into Curriculum Trak for you.  To see the lists of standards we currently have ready for uploading along with their costs, log into Curriculum Trak, click on Standards/Benchmarks, Available Standards listing.  

To more about this topic, you can go to watch a 4 minute video on this topic.


  1. If you request a list of standards for the 4 core content areas that we currently do not have, DIS is not obligated to prepare and upload this data as part of the setup fee.  It is very likely that DIS will do this service for no extra fee but our team must first review the data before agreeing to prepare the data for no extra cost.
  2. If you request standards in the 4 core areas sometime after the setup has already taken place or if DIS is replacing a list of standards that you had us already upload for you previously, your school will very likely get charged for this work as the stated cost.
  3. If you wish to incorporate standards into Curriculum Trak that you have created, you may use one of our templates and prepare this data on your own for free, or you can request a quote to have one of our specialists prepare and upload the data for you.