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Welcome to Curriculum Trak Support! 
We enjoy serving the needs of schools all over the world, and we are glad that you started here to get support in your curriculum planning efforts. The Support Manual is designed for any user to find quick and relevant support on a variety of topics listed in gold on the right-hand side of your page (smartphone users will need to scroll down). The listing below will provide some basic starting points depending on the role you play at your school: 

  • Teachers, or curriculum editors, may find the "Curriculum Editor" training video is a good place to start if you need assistance in completing your own maps.
  • Curriculum administrators may find the Setup Checklist or Teacher Training Checklist helpful. 
  • If you are new administrator at your school and unfamiliar with Curriculum Trak, this resource is a good place to begin. 
  • If you are interested in seeing how the Lesson Planner may help you take the next steps in your curriculum planning efforts, you can explore that feature here.

In addition to this manual, we provide the following support options: 

  • Live Training: If you are looking for more individualized training options, please look in the Professional Development area. 
  • Individualized Support: If you are looking for individualized support, account administrators may submit questions to the Curriculum Support team through the Support Center (located under the Help Icon).  
  • Frequent Updates and Enhancements: Stay informed of the latest updates and enhancements to this program. Be sure to check out and follow our blog or connect with us on social media.  

If you are enjoying Curriculum Trak, please help us spread the word. Tag us or tweet at us on social media (@CurriculumTrak on both Facebook and Twitter) to share your favorite features, share ideas, or ask questions of the Curriculum Trak community. Also, be sure to tell others about Curriculum Trak and invite them to sign up and begin using this mapping tool (check out our Referral Rewards benefit.)