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Referral Reward Program

We want to thank you for being a part of the Curriculum Trak network! We are very pleased with the growth we have seen in this product and because Curriculum Trak allows schools in the network to share curriculum content, our ongoing growth will greatly benefit your school as well.

We'd like to encourage you to participate in our Referral Rewards program. With this program, we will credit your school's Curriculum Trak account $100 for every school that becomes a client of Curriculum Trak as a result of your referral. If you have been pleased with Curriculum Trak, just share your positive experience with your colleagues in other schools and encourage them to contact us and mention your name. Once they pay their initial setup fee, a $100 credit will be applied to your account. It is that simple! There is also no limit to the number of referral credits you can receive!

If copies of our 4"X6" Curriculum Trak promo cards would be helpful to you, we would be glad to provide you with some at no charge. These cards are a great way to share information about Curriculum Trak at meetings, conferences and other events that you attend. You may contact support to let us know how many copies you would like to hand out to other schools who could benefit from Curriculum Trak.  To see a digital copy of these 2 sided cards, click here.

If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to contact us at