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Setup Checklist

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Curriculum Trak learning community! This checklist will enable you to continue working through the setup process we discussed in your Setup Consultation (Part A)*. The videos provide clear and helpful information for each step.  (Please note that some of these videos are very large and may take some time to open.)

  1. Gain a general understanding of CurriculumTrak.
    Click here to watch a 18-minute video reviewing how Curriculum Trak works. If you already feel confident, you may skip this step.
  2. Upload your district’s teachers and courses data. 
    (Note: If your school uses FACTS SIS, you should watch this video rather than following steps a-c below.)
    a) Users (Teachers) Upload: Click here to watch this 12-minute video.
    b) Courses Upload: Click here to watch this 11-minute video.
    c) Upload Templates: Users Template / Courses Template
  3. Set up the proper permissions for each of your users / teachers.
    Click here to watch this 11-minute video.
  4. Participate in the Rollout Consultation (Part B) with our Curriculum Professionals.  (REQUIRED - See note below*)
    During this meeting, our professionals will review your databases, help you customize your template, discuss your choice of national/state standards to be uploaded, review the next steps to train your teachers, and ensure that the system is set up to best meet your future curricular needs.
  5. Additional Training videos for your use.
    The following set of videos has been developed to be used by each of the following groups:
    a) Curriculum Admins: Click here to watch this 22-minute video
    b) Curriculum Editors: Click here to watch this 23-minute video.
    c) Curriculum Viewers: Click here to watch this 8-minute video.
  6. Rolling Curriculum Trak out to your staff.
    After you have completed the steps above, your account should be ready for your staff to enter and begin working. The following links will assist you in the process of inviting your users in and getting them started:
    a) Email usernames and passwords to teacher: Click here to watch this 3-minute video.
    b) Teacher Training Checklist: Click here to access a resource for structuring a staff meeting.
    c) Additional Training Resources: Click here to access our full list of teacher training resources.
* Required Consultations
  • We require these consultations because we need to make sure your setup is optimal before you or your staff begin doing any curriculum mapping work.
  • If there are any issues with your setup, it is crucial to catch this early so your teachers don't have to redo any of their mapping work.
  • We require you to complete Part A and strongly recommend Part B before we will upload any standards for your school or answer your support tickets which are not setup related.