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Tips for Successful Curriculum Trak Implementation

Session Objectives: 
Explore ideas and suggestions for successful implementation of Curriculum Trak from initial setup through ongoing use.
Consider how Curriculum Trak Lesson Planner might meet your current needs.
Identify key leadership and support roles for Curriculum Trak.

Session Introduction:
Jackie Conover, educational technology coordinator for Foundation Academy, Winter Garden, FL, shares her school’s story of adopting and implementing Curriculum Trak from startup through lesson planner. She provides tips and suggestions for a successful rollout as well as ongoing use of Curriculum Trak into the future. 

Session Video:

Session Questions to Consider:

  1. Jackie begins by recommending a “spoon-by-spoon” process. How might that look in your context for both mapping and lesson planning? 
  2. Looking at Jackie’s list of “-ions” (Vision, Organization, Visualization, Attention, Collaboration, Accreditation,Communication), what are you currently focusing on in your mapping process? What comes next?
  3. Who does what? How has your school broken down Curriculum Trak responsibilities? Could you make any changes based on Jackie’s notes? 
  4. Jackie recommends that you have a vision casting person AND an educational technology person at your school. How would this be helpful to your school? 
  5. Which of Jackie’s implementation tips are most helpful to you? What questions or concerns do you still have about the implementation process for Curriculum Trak?  

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