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Curriculum Trak Certification

Curriculum Trak leaders are invited to seek CT Certification status. Curriculum Trak offers this certification process as a way to equip school leaders in their efforts with Curriculum Trak and to promote leadership in curriculum mapping to the broader network of Curriculum Trak schools as well.

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Overview of CT Certification
Curriculum Trak’s certification program is geared toward equipping school leadership (CT Admin users) to strategically guide their school into the most effective use of the feature-rich Curriculum Trak platform, from the initial startup through the more long-term benefits of curriculum mapping practices.  Certification is offered to users who successfully complete the course of study and participate in discussion and application activities. Certified users can not only provide better leadership for their own school, but may also be recommended, as needed and desired, to other schools who might benefit from their expertise.

Course of Study
We are now providing three training formats to support the varying needs and comfort levels school leadership may have with Curriculum Trak. Our focus will be on delivering this training remotely with on-site training options offered periodically. On-site options will be based on demand along with other factors related to safe and convenient access to training locations. All training plans will explore the following topics to varying degrees:  

  • Initial and ongoing setup and maintenance of mapping databases
  • Strategies for effective implementation of Curriculum Trak from startup through advanced functions
  • Building maps from scratch
  • Importing maps from other Curriculum Trak users
  • Ongoing review and revising of course maps
  • Working with reviewing, updating, and revising standards 
  • Successful onboarding users who are new to Curriculum Trak
  • Reviewing existing maps internally (at your school) and externally (around the CT network)
  • Running reports to gain insights into your current Curriculum Trak efforts and how these can guide you toward your next steps in your mapping journey
  • Taking the mapping process from initial data collection to the development of stronger course offerings and increased professional development

Current Training Options

CT Certification Accelerated Training Plan (Remote) - Four sessions of four hours each which will be offered covering the content over a short period of time. This route is recommended for school leaders who are working toward a specific deadline or who may have more experience with the administrative features of Curriculum Trak. 

Four Remote Sessions

 January 2024 Cohort 
(Eastern Time)
April 2024 Cohort 
(Eastern Time)
September 2024 Cohort 
(Eastern Time)
October 2024 Cohort
(Eastern Time)
Session 1January 10
April 22
September 3
October 28
Session 2January 12
April 23
September 5
October 29
Session 3January 17
April 25
September 10
October 30
Session 4*January 19
April 26
September 12
October 31

* Optional Sessions for Lesson Planner Schools

Click here for a detailed training schedule.


CT Certification Reflective Training Plan (Remote) - Nine sessions of two hours each are offered to take attendees through the content at a slower pace with more exploration, discussion, and application opportunities. This route is recommended for school leaders who may want to be more methodical in their implementation of Curriculum Trak and users who have less experience with the administrative features of the platform. 

>>No Training Options Currently Scheduled<<

* Optional Sessions for Lesson Planner Schools

Click here for a detailed training schedule.

Asynchronous Training Option
A portion of any of the remote training options above can be completed  asynchronously for those who would be better served by that option. Pre-recorded videos of the instructional portion of the training can be provided in advance. In order to obtain certification, the attendee would need to join the live session during the scheduled “Discussion & Assessment” portion (see the detailed training schedules for each option) and earn a passing grade on the assessment. Contact support when you register if you would like to take advantage of this option. 

Two-Day Training Plan - Two eight hour days of training designed for users who would like to set aside two full days and dig deeper into Curriculum Trak. With less time for reflection and discussion, this route can be overwhelming for brand-new users to Curriculum Trak, but helpful for those users who need to move quickly. This route is recommended for advanced users, or those who have taken some time to complete some prerequisite training. 

On-Site: Periodically, the two day option will be offered live at a host Curriculum Trak school. In this case, registrations will need to meet a minimum threshold. Travel requirements and safety considerations will also factor into this training. Final determinations about the viability of the event will be made at least four weeks prior to the training dates. Lunch and snacks will be provided during on-site training. Lodging and travel arrangements are left to each school or attendee to arrange.

Two Day Remote - No Training Options Currently Scheduled

Click here for a detailed training schedule.

Other Training Details

Registration Required: Only registered users will be permitted to attend this training and earn certification credit. To register, an administrative user within your account can click through the Help button to find the Registration option. Information for attending the event will be provided to each registered attendee directly.

Unless your school is part of the CT Professional Development program which includes certification seats annually, the registration fee is $250 per person regardless of which training plan you choose. 

Attendance Requirement: One of the primary goals of CT Certification is to promote a cohort of Curriculum Trak school leaders. To support that goal, in addition to capping conference attendance at a level best supported by the nature of the event, the training plan will incorporate several breakout sessions for small groups of ten or less apart from the full training group. These breakout sessions will be hosted by existing CT Certified users who will facilitate small-group discussion, answer questions, and provide additional support and insights. In order for any attendee to become certified, each must attend and participate in the corresponding breakout sessions. Each attendee is required to join independently (no shared computers). Attendees who have not registered in advance or allow unregistered people to join the training may be prevented from completing the training. 

Remote Training Expectations: Be Fully Present! Curriculum Trak designs its training offerings to be as engaging as possible in a remote setting. In order to help every attendee be successful, we provide a basic checklist of technical and practical considerations we ask every attendee to follow. Find out more here. 

Cancellation/Change Policy: In our efforts to serve all attendees fully, we ask that you avoid making changes to your registration less than fifteen days prior to the event. Any necessary changes to your registration should be emailed to as soon as possible. The following considerations will be made: 

Changes made more than fifteen days prior to the event will incur no penalties. Unpaid invoices will be cancelled and deleted. Paid invoices will be credited to your account for future services. PD seat credits (included in the Professional Development program) will become available to be used later by the same registrant or a different member of your team at some point during the duration of your current term. No extensions will be granted. 

Changes made less than fifteen days prior to the event may incur some penalties: Transferring the registration to a different attendee or a later event can occur without concern. Cancellations will result in a 50% reduction in unpaid invoices, or a 50% credit of paid invoices toward future services. PD seat credits (included in the Professional Development program) will become available to be used later by the same registrant or a different member of your team at some point during the duration of your current term. No extensions will be granted. 

Registrants who fail to attend scheduled events or cancel their registration on the day of the training will not necessarily be offered credit, discounts, or seat credits except for in the case of extenuating circumstances and then only at the discretion of CT personnel. 

Curriculum Trak reserves the right to deny entry or remove attendees who violate the terms of the training. Should this occur, no refunds or transfers will be given. 

If you have any questions about these conferences, you can send an email to or create a support ticket.

"I highly recommend this training for both administrators and teachers. It is about so much more than simply Curriculum Trak. We discussed mapping, best practices in teaching, the legacy of a school and so much more. The time spent collaborating with others was invaluable." 

Laura Van Hulzen
Fredericksburg Christian School