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The Value of Networking in the CT Community

Session Objectives: 
How can Curriculum Trak promote networking within your school, the group of schools you work within, and even more broadly on an ongoing basis?

Session Introduction:
Lynn Cuffari, former principal of St. Augustine Catholic High School in Tucson, AZ, shares her story of how Curriculum Trak came to her school and then to other schools in her diocese. She highlights the value of networking and how Curriculum Trak supports those efforts. 

Session Questions to Consider:

  1. Lynn outlined several ideas for networking internally by using Curriculum Trak as part of ongoing teacher evaluation and training. What ideas or tips stood out to you as something that might be valuable in your mapping practices? 
  2. Lynn tells how she was able to bring Curriculum Trak to other schools in her diocese (and receive referral rewards), but she underscores the value of schools in her area working in a common platform like Curriculum Trak. How could Curriculum Trak benefit other schools you work with, and, in turn, how might that be a benefit to your school as well? 
  3. How could your current process be bolstered by viewing what other schools are doing in their own mapping efforts through the Other Curriculum Area? 
  4. How are you currently networking and what benefits are you seeing as a result of that? How might Curriculum Trak support those efforts even more? 

Recommended Resources: 

  • Ellefsen, Erik. MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education. Edited by Lynn E Swaner and Dan Beerens, Association of Christian Schools International, 2019.
  • Smith, Perry M. Rules and Tools for Leaders. Perigee, 2013.
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