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Bible Integration - Session 2

Session 2: Back to the Basics

Session 2 Objective: 
Prioritize the teaching of Creation truths over “biblical distractions”

Session 2 Introduction:
First and foremost, the goal of teaching is to instill in students a love of all truth. In this session, Michael makes the case for prioritizing good planning and instructional practices over simplistic biblical integration efforts. 

Session 2 Video:

Session 2: Embrace & Apply

Pair and Share:

  • Should our teaching have a goal of instilling a love for the truth?
  • How does focusing on core course concepts (mapping) help teachers promote an awe and love of knowledge?
  • What examples of “biblical distractions” or unclear instruction have you experienced?
  • Try It! How could the concepts of your favorite course point to God’s nature? How do they inspire awe and love for truth?

Additional Resources: 
Key Verses for Biblical Integration:
Jesus’s Prayer for His Students (John 17:2-3)
Paul’s Prayer for His Students (Colossians 2:2-3)
Foundational Verse for All Christian Educators (Romans 1:20-22)