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Bible Integration - Session 3

Session 3: Make It Matter!

Session 3 Objective: 
Develop a desire to teach all truth with eternally relevance. 

Session 3 Introduction:
Seeking relevance is a foundational element to all learning. In this session, Michael points to biblical integration as the key to all relevance and a building block for all other forms of integration. 

Session 3 Video:

Session 3: Embrace & Apply

  • How can the question, “Why would God want us to learn this stuff?” elevate all educational activities? 
  • What benefits or dangers can you see from making this question a central part of all learning? 
  • Practice the “Why?” question at both the course and the unit level
    • Why would God want us to learn this specific course?
    • Why would God want us to learn this specific unit?

Curriculum Trak Connection: Enter the answers to the “Why?” question in the Course Information area, as a course or unit attachment, or in a dedicated BI field. See a demonstration here.

Additional Resources: 

Consider the impact problem described in Romans 1:21-22 has on human nature ( and on learning.

Here’s more from about our sin nature.

Consider Scripture’s Claims for Itself