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Bible Integration - Session 5

Session 5: Make A Cake

Session 5 Objective: 
Explain the value of a full instructional plan in biblical integration efforts. 

Session 5 Introduction:
The key to successful instruction is clear planning. In this session, Michael outlines how to adequately plan for the inclusion of biblical integration in each unit. 

Session 5 Video:

Session 5: Embrace & Apply

  • What does a “fully-formed” plan look like in your context? 
  • How is it helpful to reformulate our plan to include biblical integration content?
  • Plan BI for a Unit (Expanding from one concept to a full plan incorporating all learning):
    • Identify grade, subject, unit concept (essential content)
    • Seek age-appropriate answers to Why? And How? Questions.
    • Develop a full plan to build low-level knowledge and prepare student for high-level application or synthesis.

Curriculum Trak Connection: Curriculum Trak can provide a great place to sort out your “fully-formed” biblical integration plan. See a demo of that here

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