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Bible Integration - Session 6

Session 6: Get Into Their Heads

Session 6 Objective: 
Formulate a plan for assessing your biblical integration concepts in relational ways.

Session 6 Introduction:
While assessment is technically part of a full instructional plan (see session 5), Michael digs deeper into that concept in this session stressing the need to assess biblical integration concepts in relational ways. 

Session 6 Video:

Session 6: Embrace & Apply

  • Think about your efforts to assess biblical integration:
    • How can you promote student success and a growth-mindset?
    • How can you make the assessments authentic and thought-provoking?
    • How can you make the assessment relational?
    • How can you use a variety of assessments to “get inside their head”?
  • Try it in your practice unit:
    • Write a low-level, accountability question over your concept.
    • Describe an assessment activity that would allow for higher-level thinking and the opportunity to provide feedback and input. 

Additional Resources: 

Verbs By Quadrant: Daggett, Willard R. “Rigor/Relevance Framework - A Guide to Focusing Resources to Increase Student Performance.” LeaderEd, 2014.

Teacher Questions by Quadrant -