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The Seven C's - Session 1

Session 1: Christian: How are we distinctively Christian?

Session 1 Objectives: 
Build an overview of the seven Cs of curriculum planning and instruction.
Define and discuss what makes a Christian school distinctive.

Session 1 Introduction:
In this opening session, Dan sets the scene for sailing the “Seven Cs” of curriculum and instruction before launching into the first C. Christian schools have a unique mission. How they approach planning and instruction will impact that mission.

Session 1 Video:

Session 1: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. After hearing Dan’s introduction to the seven Cs of curriculum and instruction, what areas do you think will be the most helpful to you? What questions or concerns do you have as you enter this course of study?
  2. In what ways do you believe your school is achieving its distinctive Christian mission? What areas would you identify for improvement in terms of mission alignment?