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The Seven C's - Session 4

Session 4: Consistency: How will we deliver a consistent instructional program across the grades?

Session 4 Objectives: 
Consider how to best create curriculum maps and unit plans in your context.
Understand the thinking behind some recommended practices related to curriculum mapping.

Session 4 Introduction:
What steps should you follow to create your maps? Where do you start and where are you going? In this session, Dan walks through recommended practices for mapping and evaluating your curriculum and explains the significance of each part of the process.

Session 4 Video:

Session 4: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Do you have a curriculum design model at your school? If so, how would you describe it?
  2. How did you arrive at a common language to describe your articulated curriculum? 
  3. Are your units of study aligned K-12? What needs to happen next? 
  4. What is your assessment philosophy/plan as a school? 
  5. Are you using current assessment results to understand what your students “caught” about the reason your school exists? 

CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak promotes and encourages both internal and external curriculum review. 

  • Externally, the Other Curriculum Area within your account will allow you to see how other schools like yours have defined their template. Using the variety of search options and the filters available in each, you are able to sort through thousands of maps and units plans. 
  • Internally, the View Content by Template Field allows you to zero in on specific areas of your own maps by grade or subject area.