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The Seven C's - Session 5

Session 5: Collaboration: How do we improve what we are doing for students by working together as a team? 

Session 5 Objectives: 
Describe why collaboration is important to planning and instruction.
Discuss how Curriculum Trak can support collaborative efforts.

Session 5 Introduction:
How can we combat instructional isolation? Is collaboration possible in your context? Dan highlights the need for a collaborative approach to instruction and how Curriculum Trak can support you in those efforts. 

Session 5 Video:

Session 5: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. What opportunities do you currently have to collaborate with other teachers? What value has come from that? What struggles and barriers do you encounter?
  2. Do you have structures, tools and processes that move you through Plan-Do-Reflect-Revise cycles with student results? 
  3. How might a clearly articulated and up-to-date curriculum in a easily-accessed tool help you to collaborate and meet student needs? 
  4. What opportunities have you identified to integrate your areas of instruction with other areas at your school? What value has come from that? What struggles and barriers did you encounter in the process? 

CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak promotes both internal and external collaboration for the purposes of integration and swapping best practices. 

  • Externally, through the Other Curriculum area, search by units and filter by a specific keyword to find units focusing on similar topics as yours or one your would like to integrate.
  • Internally, the Search by Keyword Report will allow you to see exactly where specific topics are covered within your school-wide curriculum.