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The Seven C's - Session 6

Session 6: Constituents: How can we engage students in the learning process? 

Session 6 Objectives:
Express the value of questions, specifically essential questions, to instruction.
Explore the components of good questioning.

Session 6 Introduction:
What role does questioning play in your instruction? How can you capture the value of questions in your instructional plans? Dan unpacks the role of questioning in planning and even faith learning. 

Session 6 Video:

Session 6: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Why did Dan choose to focus on Essential Questions in the Constituents section?
  2. How do Essential Questions serve multiple purposes? What are those purposes? 
  3. How can focusing on learning and instruction at a conceptual level help you teach for life-change?
  4. How many Essential Questions should be in a unit? How do they reflect the mission of your school?
  5. What process might you use to have teachers continue to refine/develop quality Essential Questions? 

Recommended Resource: 
McTighe, Jay, and Grant P. Wiggins. Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding. ASCD, 2013.

CT Connection:
Within Curriculum Trak, you can explore essential questions employed by teachers around you through the View Curriculum by Template Field report (if you are tracking essential questions). This will allow you to explore and compare essential questions across grade levels and in different subject areas. The Other Curriculum area will allow you to find other schools like your using essential questions.