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The Seven C's - Session 7

Session 7: Culture of Learning: How do we establish a culture of learning at our school?

Session 7 Objectives: 
Discuss how a culture of learning can be promoted in your context.
Define how you can grow in your own practices relating to curriculum and instruction.

Session 7 Introduction:
What role do you play in your school’s culture of learning? Dan provides some insight into how leadership leads to a life of learning.  

Session 7 Video:

Session 7: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Are the right structures, tools and processes in place at your school? If not, who is responsible for putting these in place? 
  2. In what ways do you see Curriculum Trak supporting your efforts to improve instruction at your school and in your area? 
  3. How do you identify areas for your own professional development and define your own goals for improvement in instruction?
  4. How might tying your goals back to your articulated curriculum be helpful?
  5. How do you communicate/share these strategies and practices with your colleagues?

CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak can help promote a culture of learning withing your school in two different ways: 

  • The variety of curriculum reports (in the Reports area) can provide key insights from several different perspectives. We recommend identifying a specific report to incorporate into every staff meeting and identifying reasons to celebrate (What are we doing well?) and an area to grow (Where can we get better?). 
  • The Lesson Planner Feature (and the variety of reports available along with it), provides yet another layer of reflection for teachers as they interact with their unit plans.