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All Thing Standards - Session 1

Overview & Premise 1: This is YOUR Database

Premise 1 Objectives: 
Identify the two extremes that flow from an imbalanced view of standards.
List some of the responsibilities assumed by the school based on premise 1.

Premise 1 Introduction:
There are a wide variety of approaches to standards alignment from school to school. This session seeks to lay the groundwork for the “All Things Standards” series and begin identifying how standards should be viewed in your Curriculum Trak account. In the practical application portion of this session, we will tour the training materials available to your school to manage your database.

Premise 1 Video:

Premise 1: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Reflect on your philosophy for standards use in education. Do you agree or disagree with the assertion Michael makes about taking a balanced view of standards? Which side of the “balanced” view would your school tend to fall? 
  2. Which of the specific responsibilities outlined for a school in building a database of standards have you identified as necessary for your current process?