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All Thing Standards - Session 2

Premise 2: You Can Align to Literally Anything

Premise 2 Objectives: 
Discuss the options a school can draw from for building their standards database.
Explore some helpful guiding questions for crafting your database of standards.

Premise 2 Introduction:
Where do you begin in your efforts to build or expand your database of standards. In this session, we will see that a database can be built based on any resource. Since that can be overwhelming, we also provide a range of questions to guide your exploration. In the practical application portion, we will tour the tools available for preparing, uploading, and managing your standards database. .

Premise 2 Video:

Premise 2: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Are there areas of instruction at your school that do not fall clearly into state or national standards?
  2. What other resources are you using to support your instruction? Could those resources be developed into a framework of instruction?