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All Thing Standards - Session 4

Premise 4: Sometimes, There Is Value In Starting From Scratch or Mixing

Premise 4 Objectives:
Identify some of the pitfalls for creating and managing your own unique sets of standards.
List reasons why having your own set of standards may better suit your instructional goals.

Premise 4 Introduction:
Curriculum Trak allows schools to create and load their own sets of standards, but is that always helpful? In this session, we will explore when having your own unique set of standards may be and may not be helpful. In the practical application portion of the session, we will explore the tools for creating standards from scratch, or making other modifications to existing standards to better support your unique approach to instruction. 

Premise 4 Video:

Premise 4: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. If a school creates their own set of standards for any area, which of the common pitfalls do you consider to be the most important to avoid?
  2. How could a set of standards uniquely created or modified for you better support your instructional efforts?
  3. Which specific areas of instruction could benefit from a unique set of standards?