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All Thing Standards - Session 5

Premise 5: Make Standards Your Servant Not Your Master

Premise 5 Objectives:
Discuss how focusing on teachers helps keep standards in their place.
Explain how standards alignment can help feed into your school mission.

Premise 5 Introduction:
Building and maintaining a database of standards can be a lot of work, but the effort helps a school more adequately support teachers as instructional designers in their classroom. We will make that connection in this session. In the practical application portion, we will walk through the handoff an administrator makes as a school moves from building their database to using their database of standards to support relational instruction. 

Premise 5 Video:

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Premise 5: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. How does focusing on relationships help keep standards in their place as a servant? What relational connections can standards alignment promote at your school?
  2. How well are teachers at your school embracing their role as “instructional designers”?  What steps could be taken to encourage growth in that area?
  3. How might connecting standards alignment with your school’s mission help promote instructional design and elevate the teacher as the manager of the standards in their area?