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All Thing Standards - Session 6

Premise 6: Standards May Not Be Required for Every Area

Premise 6 Objectives:
Identify types of courses that may not benefit from standards alignment.
Explore areas where standards alignment could add discipline and direction.

Premise 6 Introduction:
There may be instructional areas where standards alignment cannot contribute any additional insights. We will explore that in this session. We will also explore other areas not commonly considered for standards alignment where standards alignment could add value. In the practical application of this premise, we will explore tools for connecting areas without standards to your broader school mission.

Premise 6 Video:

Premise 6: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Do you have areas of instruction that do not have standards, or might not need standards? What categories of instruction would you consider these courses to fall into?
  2. What changes might occur in these areas that could make standards more valuable?
  3. Do you have areas of instruction that could benefit from additional support or guidance?
  4. What technical tools could you use to connect your non-standards-aligned courses more clearly to your school mission?