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All Thing Standards - Session 7

Premise 7: Standards Alignment Data Should Be Explored by Everyone

Premise 7 Objectives:
Discuss why standards alignment is everyone’s prerogative.
Explore how standards alignment can support advanced integration.

Premise 7 Introduction:
If standards should serve your efforts, how far could they actually take your instructional goals? In this session, we will explore what could happen when everyone is engaged in the exploration of your instructional frameworks. In the practical application portion of this session, we will explore the Benchmarks Integration Report and how that might support and extend your instructional design efforts.  

Premise 7 Video:

Premise 7: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. What strategies do you have in place to encourage your instructional designers to report early, report often, and report widely on their standards efforts within your Curriculum Trak account?
  2. How might your standards efforts also support your efforts around integration? How might a clearer grasp on your basic framework of instruction introduce opportunities for instructional freedom or drastic changes to your approach to instruction?