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Why Mapping - Session 3

Session 3: Clarity

Session 3 Objectives: 
Explain the value of teacher clarity as it relates to your school’s legacy.
Explore how Curriculum Trak can support your efforts toward greater teacher clarity.

Session 3 Introduction:
Good instruction is clear instruction. In this session, Michael will attempt to connect the practice of teacher clarity to your school’s mission. 

Session 3 Video:

Session 3: Questions to Consider

  1. Where have I seen teacher clarity and what were the results? What observations could I make about the students? What observations could I make about the teacher? 
  2. Where have I witnessed or experienced poor teacher clarity? What were some of the causes leading to poor clarity? What were the outcomes? 
  3. What specifically would I like to accomplish in terms of teacher clarity? Where do I need to grow and what resources might help me most? 

Recommended Resource: 

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CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak provides several reports to explore the clarity component of your mapping efforts. Those listed below are worth exploring as content begins to take shape in your curriculum maps: