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Why Mapping - Session 4

Session 4: Articulation

Session 4 Objectives: 
Define articulation and explain its importance to the instructional goals of your school.
Express how Curriculum Trak can support your articulation efforts.

Session 4 Introduction:
One of the best gifts a teacher can be given is a clear picture of how they fit into the overall goals of the school. Michael provides an overview of how articulating your school-wide curriculum can serve the needs of the teacher and the student. 

Session 4 Video:

Session 4: Questions to Consider

  1. How would you describe the current articulation practices of your school? Where specifically would you like to see it improved? Why?
  2. How much effort would it require for the courses you currently teach to become clearly articulated? What resources would you need? How long would it take? 
  3. After articulation, what specific areas of teacher clarity and school legacy could be further enhanced? 

Recommended Resources: 

Darrin. “Articulation and Curriculum.” Educational Research Techniques, 20 July 2017,

Marzano, Robert. “Chapter 3. A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.” A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, ASCD, 2019,

CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak provides several options for reviewing school-wide articulation: 

Next Steps

Mapping is never done, and sometimes getting started can be the most difficult part of the journey. Consider exploring the following resources as you chart the next steps in your process. 

  • The Seven C’s of Curriculum Mapping  - Go even deeper into the concepts of articulation, clarity, and legacy in this seven-session video course outlining the benefits of curriculum mapping. 
  • Curriculum Trak Teacher Training - Use these technical training resources to begin your efforts within Curriculum Trak. Specific training videos are provided for both administrators preparing to get teachers up to speed, and teachers looking to understand how to use Curriculum Trak. 
  • Additional Professional Development Offerings - If you believe more support and guidance from the Curriculum Trak team would be helpful, please explore our professional development options. Contact support if you would like more information. 
  • Taking Curriculum Trak to the Next Level - Watch for this video series coming soon!