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The Seven C's - Session 3

Session 3: Clarity 2: How can we choose content well? 

Session 3 Objectives: 
Develop a process for evaluating instructional content.
Explore the value of state and national standards in the content selection and review process

Session 3 Introduction:
How do you choose what to teach and what not to teach? What role will textbooks and standards/benchmarks play in the process? Dan provides some guidance and filters for selecting the most relevant content in your instruction and empowering teachers to lead the way in the process. 

Session 3 Video:

Session 3: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. What is the role of textbooks in your instruction? What are the +/-’s?
  2. Why do you need to map if you already have a textbook?
  3. How did your school select their standards? What criteria did they use? 
  4. What systems do you have in place for finding and using high-quality resources in your instruction? How can you share that with colleagues in efficient ways? 
  5. How might your curriculum maps/unit plans provide some freedom from textbooks and empower you to take charge of the educational experiences in your classroom?

Recommended Resources: 

Schmoker, Michael J. Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning. ASCD, 2011.

Friedberg, Solomon, and Sheila Byrd Carmichael. “The State of State Standards Post-Common Core.” The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 22 Aug. 2018,

CT Connection:
Curriculum Trak seeks to make standards selection and review easy for any user. For more information check out the Available Standards Listing

For additional information about preparing or working with standards, click here.