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Why Mapping - Session 1

Session 1: Why Mapping? An Overview

Session 1 Objectives: 
Explore the benefits curriculum mapping provides schools and educators.
Discuss the role Curriculum Trak can play in a school’s mapping efforts.

Session 1 Introduction:
In this session, Michael seeks to answer the questions of “Why Mapping?” and, “Why Curriculum Trak?” You will explore how the best practices embraced in curriculum mapping tie directly to your school’s legacy.

Session 1 Video:

Session 1: Questions to Consider

  1. What is your current perspective of curriculum mapping? 
    • Is it a practice that could energize your instructional efforts, or do you see mapping as something close to a “necessary evil”?
  2. How would you describe your school’s current status with articulating a school-wide curriculum and enhancing instructional clarity? 
  3. What would you hope to accomplish most in terms of school legacy as a result of enhanced curriculum mapping? 

Recommended Resources: 

Burns, Rebecca Crawford. “Curriculum Mapping.” Overview, ASCD, 2001,

Jacobs, Heidi Hayes. “What Is Curriculum Mapping?” Curriculum21, 2009,

CT Connection:
While curriculum mapping is recognized as a current best practice for any school, Curriculum Trak seeks to provide a user-friendly, collaborative technology solution to support that practice. Find out more about Curriculum Trak here