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Making Curriculum Trak Part of School Culture

Session Objectives: 
Consider some driver for successful incorporation of Curriculum Trak into the culture of school improvement
Mindset to treasure failures and unexpected turns
Create a plan to reinvigorate curriculum mapping

Session Introduction:
Mary Lou Capan shares tips and strategies for successful adoption and incorporation of Curriculum Trak into your school culture. She draws from nearly ten years of Curriculum Trak use with several different schools filling various instructional and leadership roles. Her goal is to help every school jump into Curriculum Trak in a way that will lead to their long-term success.

Starter Table Talk Questions:

  • What challenges has your school encountered in making mapping a seamless part of your school’s culture? 
  • How do your teachers view the mapping process? 
  • What do you hope to learn from this session? 

Session Questions to Consider:

  1. Mary Lou outlines four strategic stages for incorporating CT into school culture - pre-launch, launch, quality at scale, engine for improvement. What stage would you consider yourself in? What steps do you need to take to get the most out of your current stage and arrive successfully at the next? 
  2. Mary Lou offers several strategies for pre-launch. Which strategy would be most helpful to you at this stage in your process (even if this is more of a “re-launch” for your school)? 
  3. During the Launch stage, Mary Lou recommends making curriculum mapping part of the normal process of work. What does that look like in your context? Which of the strategies outlined by Mary Lou could be beneficial for you? 
  4. What strategies outlined by Mary Lou could be helpful to you as you work to improve “quality at scale” or using Curriculum Trak as an engine for improvement? 

Recommended Resources: 

Why Mapping? (This is the two minute video Mary Lou recommended)

Why Mapping? (This is an additional discussion series available in the CT Professional Development area)

Bryk, Anthony S., et al. Learning to Improve: How America's Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better. Harvard Education Press, 2017.