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Bible Integration - Session 4

Session 4: Get Intentional!

Session 4 Objective: 
Identify relevant biblical truths to adequately frame instruction.

Session 4 Introduction:
Biblical integration, like any form of integration, requires content. In this session, Michael lays out some basic goals for identifying and including biblical integration concepts in your instruction. 

Session 4 Video:

Session 4: Embrace & Apply

Discuss It!

  • Why is additional content important to biblical integration?
  • What benefits and concerns are there in having a goal of one additional content per unit?

Try it!

  • Identify a specific unit/Use Provided Sample Unit (Recommended FLI Content here)
  • Ask: What content will help equip my students to answer the question, “How will this help me in my life-long pursuit…?”
    • Use FLI content to identify content (answers to questions):
    • Identify the unit concepts
    • Ask the How/Why questions
    • Look by subject/strand
    • Look for keyword
    • Write one additional concept (objective/goal) for the unit (in the BI field). 

Curriculum Trak Connection: Curriculum Trak’s Faith Learning Content (produced by Dr. Mark Eckel) is a great resource for introducing high-level content into your units. The e-book in Other Curriculum and the ability to drop content directly into a unit plan can support a teacher’s efforts in this area. See a demonstration here.

Additional Resources: 

Barna Survey - Current State of Biblical Worldview
“Competing Worldviews Influence Today's Christians.” Barna Group,

Barna Survey Explored (Relevant Magagine) Current State of Biblica Worldview
“Research: Only 17% of Christians Actually Have a Biblical Worldview.” RELEVANT Magazine, 5 Jan. 2018,

“Milk and Meat” Commentary (

FLI Sample Content: Math - Exact Math Answers